Episode 105: The Battle With Bizarro

Strips 6147-6242 (August 25, 1958 to December 13, 1958)

As Superman investigates the source of a duplicator ray on another planet, he accidentally gets hit by one of the beams. Meanwhile, as the planet blows up from the stress of the duplicator tests, Superman notices a lifeless double of himself had been created, which he rescues and brings back to Earth for further study. Back on Earth the scientists are shocked when the inorganic life form gets up off the examining table and begins talking. With Bizarro having Superman's powers and memory, yet an imperfect thought process, will Superman be able to prevent him from causing too much trouble in Metropolis?

Notes: Though Superboy #68 (cover dated October 1958) hit the stands earlier, this episode is the first story written about Bizarro. In his appearance here, he has a "B" on his chest, rather than an "S" or the later backwards "S". This story was later retold in Action Comics #254 (July 1959).

Episode 105 Sample (Strip #6174 September 25, 1958)

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